Incredible Features of NANROBOT Electric Scooter

Incredible Features of NANROBOT Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are all the rage right now, probably because of how smart they are in terms of technology and the environment. These are especially very famous among teenagers and college goings students. The easy controls and the minimalistic design sell its self. The designers have kept the customers' needs in their minds while designing this work of art.

Besides its innovative technology and attractive design, there are many more things that are that will make you awestruck. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at some incredible features of NANROBOT Electric Scooter. Ready to be utterly impressed!

Incredible Features of NANROBOT Electric Scooter you’ll love

Great Performance and Speed

From all the mini vehicles currently available in the market, the NANROBOT electric scooter gives the most optimum performance on and off-road. No matter if you ride this on a smooth track or a bumpy one, its tires, controls, suspensions, and other tools will work together to ensure that you keep rolling efficiently and smoothly.

In addition, electric scooters made by NANROBOT provide a maximum speed of 40mph because of the high-tech brushless motors. Of course, this speed could be intimidating; for such customers, there is a turbo and eco mode, which would allow them to adjust the speed according to their mood.

High-Quality And Sturdy Built

To build the NANROBOT electric scooter, the most premium material is used to keep the vehicle strong and sturdy. No compromise has been made on the safety of the driver, and the design is also very carefully chosen. The footrest area, as well as the handlebars, are lined with coarse rubber to increase the friction. A low-density alloy of aluminum is used in the frame to help keep it durable and portable.

Efficient Motor and Adequate Battery Life

It is because of the brushless and efficient motor used in putting together this mini vehicle that makes it an absolute beast when it comes to off-roading. The motors can give out a maximum power of 2000 watts which keeps the wheels moving.

The second most important thing in this electric vehicle is the high-quality lithium-ion battery which can keep it running for a maximum of 45 miles each time you charge it. The charging time is a maximum of 10 hours, but if you want it to charge in half the time, you can use two lithium battery chargers at the same time.

User-Friendly Display and Easy Controls

Almost all the controls are naturally fixed with the handlebars to be easily accessible to the driver. The brake clutches are on both sides, but there are more controlling buttons on the left handlebar, such as headlights, horn, right and left indicators and start switch.

The clear LED display panel is found on the right side, along with an accelerator switch and two more buttons that select the driving modes when turned. The LED panel keeps the rider informed about battery, power level, and ride time.


The electrical scooters made by NANROBOTS are tremendously reliable. Along with providing their customers with the utmost comfort and maximum safety, they also bring their customers the ultimate joy. With this mini-vehicle, you can have fun with your friends and participate in off-roading activities, or you can drive it in the city, avoiding the traffic while simultaneously enjoying the chaos of the city. If you are an outdoor person, this electric scooter is undoubtedly the perfect ride for you!