Common Mistakes You Shouldn't Make When Pressure Washing

Common Mistakes You Shouldn't Make When Pressure Washing

As efficient as pressure washing can be when employed to clean your house, operating it wrongly can do more harm than good. Contrary to what many people believe, pressure washing is a very delicate job. There are ways to handle a pressure washer to avoid the expensive damages it can cause to your house.

As a user looking to achieve the best cleaning results using your pressure washer, there is a need to know some practices to stay clear of when pressure washing. That's why as we proceed in this article, we will be discussing mistakes that you should never make when using the pressure washer.

Common Mistakes of Using a Pressure Washer

  • Application Of Inconsistent Pressure: while washing your surfaces, you must steady your motion and keep the nozzle aimed perpendicular to the surface to be able to maintain constant pressure. When constant pressure isn't applied while cleaning, it often results in zebra striping.
  • Uneven Cleaning: Most users end up making their surface look even worse after pressure washing, all because they fail to clean their surfaces evenly. This is a technique that every pressure washer user must always employ while cleaning to cover up the starts and stops marks on your surface. You can achieve this by always overlapping your previous sweep with a new one while cleaning.
  • Not Allowing The Cleaning Solution To Act On Stain: Many people rush to start pressure washing immediately. They have added their cleaning solution to the dirt or stain, and eventually, they do not achieve the best result. This is mainly because the cleaning solution needs a little time (3-5mins) to soak in and act on the surface to lift the stain for washing off effectively.
  • Using The Wrong Accessories: Most users complain that pressure washing is slow for them only because they use the wrong accessories. As a user who wants to enjoy the benefits pressure washing offers fully, you must know the accessories you need per time. For example, when you want to clean faster while pressure washing, you use turbo nozzles that can rotate around. These accessories can be found at places where pressure washers are sold.
  • Cleaning In The Wrong Sequence: ┬áTo avoid messy results after pressure washing, it's highly advised to have a washing plan before you begin at all. This basically involves you cleaning your room in the proper sequence. For example, while cleaning a house, it is best to start from the roof first and then work your way down doing the opposite.
  • Cleaning Of Water- sensitive Surfaces: While pressure washing, you must avoid water-sensitive areas of your house. Places like your drywall ceilings, door openings, and open windows shouldn't be pressure washed at all.


Pressure washing is a skill that should be learned by everyone who wants to clean their home effectively without any stress. However, most people who possess this machine do not seem to fully experience the full benefits because they are operating it wrongly. This article has listed some mistakes you should never make as a user to have an excellent cleaning experience.