Usage Guide for Portable Hose Reels

Usage Guide for Portable Hose Reels

Pressure washers have become a household name today, and it's among cleaning tools bought around the globe. They are advantageous and come in different sizes and designs. No matter how big or small the machine is, it needs a hose reel to ensure neat and safe storage. Have you checked the giraffe tools collection today and gotten the experience of the best hose reels in town?

Portable Hose Reels

Are you tired of immovable hose reels? The portability of the hose reel is an added advantage since you can easily reach hard-to-get areas. Giraffe portable hose reels come in a variety of sizes and styles. You'll want to get suitable portable hose reels for your job site or business.

Larger diameter reels are better suited for high-pressure washers, while smaller diameter reels work better with lower pressure, more portable washers. The compact design makes these units easily transportable from job site to job site, trailer to trailer, or location to location.

The Quality

Not all companies manufacture hose reels equally. These high-quality hose reels last a lifetime, built with extruded aluminium and stainless steel. Because of this durability, giraffe tools are the choice of professional pressure washers, home pressure washers, landscapers, nurseries, and irrigation contractors across the country. And their quality means they're much more affordable than other comparable systems on the market.

Efficiency at Work

Rolling hose reels have been around for many years. The problem with these systems is that the reels' height and overall size make them hard to store and bulky in general. Additionally, it is often difficult to easily coil or uncoil the hose from these larger reels. Giraffe Tools has created a new portable hose reel that allows easy storage and usage of your pressure washer. The system operates well for both long and short hoses

The Weight of the Reel

Their new hose reels are lightweight, coming in at approximately 15 lbs, yet rugged enough to hold up to 100 ft. of 5/8" garden hose. Most competitors' products weigh over 30 lbs while holding less than 50 ft. of hose -Compact: Giraffe's compact design allows for superior storage and mobility options when not in use. This product makes giraffe tools hose reels to be voted best in the region.

Easy to Assemble

Easy to assemble, anyone can quickly assemble this magnificent tool and remove tangles without a person aid or any other device. Save Money on Hose Replacement: The super strength of our steel frame means you don't have to worry about pulling the hose tight and possibly snapping it, so you won't have to replace a broken water hose.

Numbers don't lie; 70% of the giraffe tools hose reels users recommend a friend come for one. These hose reels make clients happy, and they give positive reviews about the company. They get determined to give their clients more at a lower price than their competitors. Visit the giraffe site today and get the high-quality hose reel at the best rates.